Guess what! Fellow is looking to e x p a n d. Our friends at Davidson Commodities (the tall nice people with lentils and Penny the dog) have moved, leaving us the opportunity to move into that suite.

Here’s the deal. Our goal would be to add community space, add a kitchenette (because our fridge is already stuffed to the brim [ahem. take your crap home]), add a conference room, and potentially add a few suites. The entrance to the new space would be by the coffee station in the hotdesk area. Our goal would be to make a few upgrades to Fellow while we’re doing construction, too. Like new lighting above each pod of permanent desks, trying to make Cozy Room bigger (with better lights), and maybe a kegerator (obvi).

Here’s where you come in. Fellow would be nothing without you. Literally. So we would love your input. Please take a minute to fill out this survey we’ve concocted to extract information out of you. You could also just email us. Or chat with us. That works, too.

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How stoked are you about this idea.
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